What we do

+ Agricultural Due Diligence
  • Soil.
  • Climate.
  • Contracts.
  • Costs.
  • Yields.
  • Sanitary conditions.
  • Varietal Profile.
  • + Industrial Due Diligence
  • Production Potential.
  • Expansion Potential.
  • Yields  and Losses.
  • Equipments.
  • Industrial Condition.
  • Licenses.
  • + Assets Pricing
    Pricing of:
  • Lands
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Crops
  • Fleets
  • Industrial equipment (mills)
  • + Advisory of Agricultural Operations
  • Sugarcane field foundation
    • Farming layout for mechanization;
    •  Fleet and equipment sizing;
    •  Specification and technical monitoring of the operating indexes;
    •  Implementation of the autopilot and seeding with alternated  spaced;
    •  Implementation of variable reward  plan;
    •  “On demand”.
  • Sugarcane field treatment
    • Planning and monitoring of operations;
    •  Fleet and equipment sizing;
    •  Specification and technical monitoring of the operating indexes;
    •  Methods definition  of  pests and diseases control;
    •  Agronomic criteria definition of inputs  application;
    •  “On demand”.
  • CTT (Cut, Transshipment and Transportation)
    • Planning and monitoring of operations;
    •  Fleet and equipment sizing;
    •  Specification and technical monitoring of the operating indexes;
    •  Sugarcane delivery logistics optimization;
    •  Implementation of variable reward plan;
    • “On demand”.
  • + Planning and Development of Production
  • Management of agricultural technology
  • Sugarcane field strategic planning  
  • Agriculture-industry logistic integration
  • Renovation and expansion planning
  • Agronomic and operational planning for planting, treatment and harvesting
  • Planting and harvesting quality monitoring system implementation
  • Technical staff training
  • Project finance
  • Location of greenfields sites
  • Expansion projects
  • + Assisted Management
  • Analysis of the Current Situation.
  • Elaboration of Action Plan and Goal Setting.
  • Elaboration of management reports
    • Agricultural.
    • Industrial.
    • Administrative.
    • Commercial.
  • Presentation of  results.
  • Agro-industrial  operational  yields.
  • KPIs Benchmarking.
  • Corrective actions indication.
  • “On demand” action.
  • + Costs Management
  • Production cost analysis;
  •  Planning vs. budget vs. operations analysis;
  •  Analysis of the criteria for use of waste, fertilizers and limestone;
  •  Training for economic production;
  •  Feasibility analysis of technologies and projects;
  •  IGEC - Inteligência em Gestão Estratégica de Custos (Strategic Cost Management Intelligence), in partnership with PwC.
  • + Crop Monitoring
  • Agricultural Operation
    • Agricultural yield (tc/ha)
    • Agro-industrial yield (ton ATR/ha)
    • Polarization (%)
    • Fiber (%)
  • Industrial Operation
    • Globalo time efficiency (%)
    • Industrial Yield (kg ATR/tc)
    • Losses in sugarcane washing (%)
    • Losses in the filter cake (%)
  • Production Cost
    • Sugarcane field foundation (R$/tc)
    • Treatment of  ratoon (R$/tc)
    • Cut, Transshipment and Transportation (R$/tc)
    • Land leasing (R$/tc)
  • Commercial Operation
    • VHP sugar price (R$/ton)
    • Crystal sugar price (R$/ton)
    • Refined sugar price (R$/ton)
    • Anhydrous ethanol price (R$/m3)
  • + Handling of Varieties
  • Assessment of sugarcane quality, harvest periods and interactions with industry;
  • Introduction of varieties;
  •  Planning of varieties handling;
  •  Varieties experiments;
  •  Planning of maturing products application;
  •  Harvest planning in order to optimize resources.
  • + Sugarcane Treatment
  • Planning and monitoring of treatment operation
  • Strategies and methods of weeds control
  • Strategy and methods of pest control
  • Agronomic criteria for use of waste, fertilizers and limestone;
  • Sugarcane treatment operations management
  • Fleet sizing
  • Determination of operating parameters
  • + Industrial Tervices
  • Production - Assessment to increase crushing and production of sugar, ethanol and electricity.
  • Co-generation - Assessment of the potential for co-generation projects and viable alternatives.
  • Operation - Assessment of procedures and processes of the Plant, aiming to correct the low efficiency of crushing time; low industrial efficiency of sugar recovery; low crushing, production of sugar, ethanol and electricity in relation to the nominal capacity of the assets.
  • Procedures - Assessment of procedures for industrial control and monitoring of methodologies used in industrial laboratories and of payment of sugarcane (PCTS).
  • Management - Verification of the Plant management system, aiming to reduce costs and increase productivity:
    • Industrial organization chart;
    • Number of employees and allocation systematic;
    • Staff training;
    • Assessment of management and communication systems.
  • Assessment - Assessment of technologies, equipment and  Plant sizing projects; Enlargements; Co-generation; Dry Cleaning; Vinasse concentration projects.
  • Implementation and Execution - Monitoring and supervision of project implementation in all its stages.
  • + Lectures

    DATAGRO High Perfomance’s team of experts give lectures on agro industrial processes, precision agriculture, management and other topics related to increases in efficiency and productivity.

    Presentations are made "on demand", with know-how and expertise of those who are ahead of the sugarcane, sugar and ethanol industry, for more than 30 years.

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    + Courses

    Knowledge can change the world, and certainly may increase efficiency, productivity and profitability of mills and producers.

    DATAGRO High Performance’s experienced professionals are also course tutors "on demand", addressing issues of agriculture, industrial, financial, commercial and management.

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    + Panel Search

    Complete information to ensure business agility and corporate positioning, the DATAGRO High Performance Panel Search offers its clients a great list of services, bringing credibility and advanced knowledge of the market.

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